• Regulatory Approvals - Experienced in securing all required state and federal approvals.
  • Financing - FHRI maintains access to financing sources, including banks and private placement firms. FHRI will arrange the financing necessary to fund the project.
  • Architecture and Design - FHRI has strategic partnerships with recognized architectural and design firms to provide the design and layout of the project. FHRI will provide advice with respect to detail design and integration of both the front and back of house functions and finishing materials.
  • Management of the Development Process - including facility design, engineering and infrastructure development - roads, water, sewer and power, compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Construction Management - Selection of Contractor, supervision of obtaining gross maximum price, oversight of construction activities.
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting - Preparation of detailed development and operating budgets and supervision of budget control.

  • Marketing Development - Branding and Property Positioning in the marketplace.
  • Game Selection and Organization - Optimization of Gaming Floor Layout - Identification of the proper game mix, slot mix, denominations, themes and manufacturers.
  • Food & Beverage - Selection of Food & Beverage offerings to emphasize quality of product and value. Menu preparation, costing, implementation of purchasing and requisitioning systems to ensure cost control and accountability, while maximizing value and quality.
  • Technology - Selection and Acquisition of all Systems including computer hardware and software, including surveillance system, slot and table games accounting and player tracking systems, and Point of Sale system.
  • Equipment - Selection and Acquisition of all Equipment, including gaming, kitchen, money handling, surveillance, security, office, music and public address systems, vehicles, uniforms, signage and other furniture and fixtures.
  • Financial Management - Identification and Selection of Financial Systems for cage accounting and various detailed accounting functions such as financial reporting, general ledger, payroll and accounts payable.
  • Marketing - Development of marketing and advertising plan to include TV, radio, print, signage, and soft collateral. Development of player's club/data base. Development and coordination of entertainment program and promotional programs. Analysis of marketplace and customer base to create and maximize both drive-in and motor transportation program.
  • Internal Controls - Provide a complete system of internal controls.
  • Policies & Procedures - Provide Policies and Procedures for Human Resources and all operating departments including Security, Surveillance, Slots, Table Games, Food & Beverage, and Cage. Creation of benefit programs.
  • Recruitment - Recruiting, hiring and training of all employees. Staff will be trained to be hospitality-oriented with propensity to exceed customer service expectations.


Assumption of all responsibilities commensurate with the ongoing management of the facility, including the following:
  • Recruitment - Ongoing Recruitment and Training of all Departmental Personnel. Development of employee policies and ongoing human resources administration such as recruiting, orientation, training, scheduling, benefit programs and handbooks. Development of a human resources plan to ensure highest staff retention and closely monitor staff appearance and training to ensure close adherence to the selected branding theme.
  • Financial - Opening of depository accounts, disbursement systems, development of financial reporting systems for management.
  • Regulatory - Coordination of regulatory compliance with gaming oversight and revenue-sharing authorities. Ongoing monitoring of internal control systems. Placement of necessary service and support contracts. Placement of insurance policies and oversight of administration thereof. Maintenance of books of account and preparation of financial statements for casino and related operations. Will advise on a frequent and regular basis and report formally on a monthly basis, and review facility performance on a regular basis.
  • Marketing - Continuing review of advertising, busing, entertainment and promotional programs. Analysis of customer base and expenditure programs for maximization of return. Development and management of customer database. Conduct focus groups to ensure customer satisfaction and develop and monitor targeted marketing programs to ensure proper spending of marketing dollars. Monitor busing program to ensure the highest profitability. Monitor the competition. Ensure property amenity use is optimized for revenue generation. Coordinate entertainment and marketing programs.
  • Administration - Coordination of staff licensing and gaming regulatory filings and requirements. Compliance with revenue-sharing payment and reporting requirements. Maintenance of insurance and benefit programs.